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We're a group of oil industry workmen. The Oil sector is closed off for outsiders, inefficient in production and harmful for nature. We believe it is time to change it and we are ready to do it. We created the oilmen community to gather shale oil from the hardest terrains and share it through tokens.
Token Sale on Shortex is Finished!
We are an oilmen community, but not an ordinary one. It's run by engineers and scientists, who share 3 values: be open to community, contemporary in production and safe for nature
to gather shale oil 10x more efficiently
  • Most companies cannot gather hard-to-recover oil in a profitable and eco-friendly way
  • Corporations don't develop new technologies, because they're oriented on short-term gains
  • AirVento TGT allows us to gather 10 times more oil from the same oilfield
AirVento TGT (based on the thermo gas with oxygen injection) is our disruptive invention for gathering shale and other hard-to-recover oil. Termogas technology passed tests on Sredne-Nazymskaya oilfield. It allows us to harvest oil where others cannot and still be safe for the environment.

Our technology will help REVOIL to survive when the epoch of regular oil comes to the end. According to studies, hard-to-recover oil reserves will remain in 10 years. The only way to be competitive in the future is to start gathering shale oil today. Most companies aren't ready. We are.

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to make the industry transparent
  • Corporations are not interested in sharing benefits from natural resources with anyone
  • Companies in the oil industry don't want to reveal real performance data
  • The blockchain allows us to make first really transparent oil production
We use smart contracts based on blockchain to collect, distribute and store data of the quantity of extracted oil. All token owners are able to get actual oil well production indicators in real time. It allows community members to monitor key performance indicators in the oil industry.

Every active member of the community has a right to get 1 barrel of oil for 1 token. Token owners can possess oil and dispose of it at their own discretion.

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There is more to say about the technology. We have innovations in the production process leading to extra efficiency of shale oil extraction. We believe that curiosity and continuous improvement are essential to conquer future.
The oil industry is private party. You cannot join it without huge network and immense capital. All together members of oilmen community will be able to break current market rules.

Oil is a natural resource which belongs to everyone. We're going to make it real for each community member, and you can become one.
Here are the individuals who are ready to contribute their expertise to the community. Over 500 published papers. 204 years in the oil industry in total. They are real scientists, engineers and workers.
Nikita Semenov
Founder of the Community & CEO
Nikita has published more than 10 scientific papers and received positive reviews from American, Canadian and European scientists. His was focused on problems of unconventional oil extraction: low efficiency of common technologies, problems with their implementation and high pollution levels. He proposed new technology based on thermogas with oxygen injection for development of hard-to-recover reserves.

Here are some proofs
Vitaly Harchenko
Deputy Director
Andrey Ostistiy
Chief Engineer
Sergey Manucharyan
Head of Oilfield Development Department
Seymur Veliyev
Senior Oil Production Specialist
Maxim Kozhushko
Senior Oilfield Development Specialist
Prof. Arkady Bokserman
Advisor @ Development, Production, Business line, Network

Owner of patent on Thermal-gas-stimulation method

Sergey Volpin, Ph.D
Adviser @ Oilfield Development, Production
Prof. Alexandr Poleschuk
Adviser @ Geological Prospecting, Production
Roman Bansal
Advisor @ Finance & Investments
Dmitriy Ishimbayev
Adviser @ Legal
We have experience in building all aspects of the oil business: exploring terrains, making roads, drilling wells, constructing pumps, maintaining production and delivering oil to the market. We're not startup-guys. We're battle-hardened oilmen.
2006–2016: Developing and testing AirVento TGT
2006-2007 – Prof. Arkady Bokserman participating in development of thermogas technology

2010-2012 – Arkady Bokserman arranged technology tests

2015-2016 – Nikita Semenov led group of scientists working on AirVento TGT project (based on thermogas with oxygen injection)
2017–2018: Creating oil community
November 2017 – arranging Pre Token Launch

Q1 2018 – geological prospecting, purchasing license for oil field development, starting
projects' pipelines

May 2018
– arranging Token Launch 1.0

Q3 2018
– starting of equipment and infrastructure building

Q4 2018
– drilling terrain, gathering first oil barrel
2019: Scaling
Q1-Q2 2019 – selling first oil barrel, accuraling first bonuses to active community members, first oil barrel is exchanged on token

Q3 2019
– arranging Token Launch 2.0

Q4 2019
– scaling business by purchasing extra development licenses

Q3 2020 - … – integrating AirVento TGT and blockchain technologies into oil industry
On June, 10 we are starting pre-sale of our tokens on SHORTEX exchange
UPD: Token Sale is successfully finished!
Some analysts believe that oil business will lose its relevance in the 21st century. Industries will use renewable energy. People will switch to electric cars. However, studies done by leading consulting companies prove a different point of view. Demand for oil will grow until 2030, despite the recent market frenzy for electric vehicles. The reason for this forecast becomes evident when considering the rapid growth of emerging Asian economies
Read the White Paper to see the full review of the market based on proven studies and the opinions of the top consulting agencies