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Harvesting oil from terrains where others cannot.
Using blockchain to distribute oil and share profits with everyone.
Created by experienced workers from oil industry: engineers, scientists, managers. From regular people to regular people.

Scientific Expertise
The smartest people work every day to provide the best innovative solutions.
Konstantin Shchekoldin
Founder & CEO. Invented AirVento TGT

Short summary:
  • 6 years in developing and production of R&D projects
  • $4M client's profit due directly to results of the projects
  • 120% growth of R&D activity after Konstantin joined the team
  • 8 R&D projects are under NDA - forecasted profit growth +$9M/year
  • Avg. +20% efficiency of oil well after Konstantin's work
  • +80,000 tons of oil were gathered due to Konstant
    Prof. Arkady Bokserman
    One of the creators of Thermal-mine oil production method, supports the wide-spread of AirVento TGT and is the scientific advisor at REVOIL
    Short summary:
    • Working in the industry since 1953, from engineer to vice-president at AO 'Zarubezhneft'
    • Professor Degree
    • Author of 200+ published studies, 15 books (12 were published outside Russia)
    • 100+ inventions implemented into biggest oil companies all over the world (LUKOIL)
    • Educated over 50 Ph.D'
    • Awarded for the great contribution into oil industry
    Prof. Anatoly Zolotukhin
    Advisor @ Development, Production, Business line, Network
    Short summary:
    • Professor at University of Stavanger (Stavanger, Norway)
    • Author of 200+ published studies
    • Laureate of Gubkin's Award in 2002
    • Awarded a medal for achievements in science and innovation
    • Member of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences
    TH3 P1TCH
    We are building an oil company, which is able to harvest oil from terrains where others cannot. It is possible due to a disruptive technology — proprietary variation of Thermo-gas-generating method. This technology is already proved by LUKOIL — one of the biggest oil companies in Russia.

    REVOIL is founded by engineers, who have successfully built 12 oil wells and has the inventor of Thermo-gas-generating method as its adviser. We have also attracted people from Ernst&Young, LUKOIL and oil service industry.

    We use blockchain-powered oil distribution system - it allows token buyers to receive profit from sales, request delivery of any quantity of oil to any point on the map and get access to company's performance data. Buying the tokens you are buying the oil.

    Why choose us?
    We are happy to give you best from our service which is based on serious experience.
    10 years of work
    We proved ourselves like high professionals working with as small companies as with honored brands.
    Individual approach
    Every company has its conception and motto. We work to develop unique products.
    We grow for the future
    Highly skilled professionals will help your business to grow on par with new technologies.
    Our services
    We offer wide range of services in creative spheres. Note what we can offer to your company.
    Strategic Enterprise Management
    We develop main conception of a company according to company target, develop strategies of competitive advantage.
    Company personnel management
    Staff selection is a very important part of a management process. We help to create a specialists portraits, develop ways of training of personnel.
    Product management
    Developing of new products and business processes, timing developing, cost estimation, ways of motivation, documentation and all life importants of a company.
    What will you get?
    Clear understanding of a business conception
    All as PR management, developing with progressive technologies and ideas and involving of your customers and partners are our target to help you.
    You save your time and money
    You take financial consultants and project professionals to assist with business taxes. It saves a lot of money and helps to avoid errors with documents.
    Productivity elevation
    We'll help to maximise productivity of a business. Our professional consultants would understand how to survey potential customers and generate a full marketing plan.
    +6788 35 22 1785
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