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REVOIL uses a revolutionary oil extraction technology. For years the only oil harvested was conventional oil. We're changing that. Our technology allows us to harvest shale oil and other hard-to-reach oil with very high efficiency. This is possible due to our own technology AirVento TGT.
50 years ago hard-to-reach oil was considered pretty much useless. It's understandable since there was no technology to efficiently harvest it and conventional oil resources seemed infinite. Well, the industry didn't evolve much. "Big oil" companies are not interested in innovations, because they prefer short term strategy of extracting fluid oil. Still the regular fluid oil is going to end, so the only way to survive is a way of shale or other hard-to-reach oil.

Nikita Semenov created AirVento TGT. The technology allows us to harvest unconventional oil efficiently and does not harm nature at the same time.

It was successfully tested on the Sredne-Nazymskaya oilfield, where in short amount of time an extra 40,000 tons of oil were harvested. Yet it wasn't implemented, because these companies are just too big to change.
We need our oil to be fluid. Unlike conventional oil, which can be harvested by drilling an oil well, hard-to-reach oil is not fluid. In fact it's solid. It can naturally change without human influence in a few million years, but there is a quicker way to do it.

The technology is built around the method of injecting oxygen-rich air into the oilfield and causing a chemical reaction. This reaction generates a lot of heat, which is one of the ways to make oil fluid. The technology that allows for this to happen is called AirVento TGT.

  • Regular oil well with pump-jack can reach up to 5% of the reservoir with shale oil
  • Modern technologies like Hydraulic Fracture can reach up to 10%
  • AirVento TGT extracts up to 50%
What it means for us:
  • We can gather oil from terrains with shale reservoirs which are useless for regular companies
  • These terrains are many times cheaper than terrains with regular oil
  • It's a great opportunity to make a high efficiency company
  • And finally we can save the environment by using a much safer technology

Summary: Due to AirVento TGT REVOIL can sucessfully compete with bigger companies and still be safe for the environment.
How this technology is going
to change the industry
It is 10 times
more efficient
Usage of traditional methods in harvesting unconventional oil leads to extraction of 5% of the oilfield reserves, while with AirVento TGT we can extract up to 50%.
It changes the way
we view oil market
Because the world is running out of conventional oilfields, experts constantly predict that the market is dying and that there is no reason to invest in it or improve anything. In reality, while it's true that we're going to almost run out of conventional oil by 2030.
It is the most eco-friendly
way of harvesting oil
AirVento TGT doesn't use water in the solution and neither it relies on burning the associated gas, which are reasons number one and two for the damage oil industry does to the environment. In fact, AirVento TGT recycles the associated gas back into the ground which leads to even more efficient oil harvesting.
Technology is the key to survival. Now we can buy terrains, which are not booked by big companies and stay profitable. Moreover, we're not afraid that someone will copy AirVento TGT. By the way, we made the schematics open for everyone. Nikita has been supporting research all over the world for the last 5 years.

But it's not enough to know how to extract oil. You have to know how to build an oil well and install the technology properly. You have to know how to support the AirVento TGT, because oil extraction is not a set-up — it's a process with millions of nuances.

AirVento TGT + Community + Blockchain = REVOIL
Scientific Expertise
  • The inventor and patent owner of thermal-mine oil production method is in the community
  • The inventor of AirVento TGT is CEO of REVOIL and Founder of the Community
  • The total number of studies made by the community - 500+
Product/Market Fit
  • As we said, hard-to-reach oil is going to be the only available oil in next 15 years.
  • Most companies can extract only fluid oil
  • AirVento TGT allows for gathering hard-to-reach oil with high efficiency
Huge Amount of Terrains
  • There are 30+ bln. tons of shale oil in the World
  • Russian reserves account for 12 bln. tons
  • Only 30% of them are booked or in use by big companies
  • More then 50% are available for purchase