Token Launch begins at November, 28
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Terms and conditions
1. Introduction

1.1 Terms and Conditions, any other information published on REVOIL webpage including Disclaimer is considered to be a mandatory guidance for REVOIL, Participants and related parties.

1.2 By acquiring Oil tokens, Participants: a) give their consent to be bound by the Terms and the Disclaimer; b) represent and warrant that they are legally capable, authorized and allowed to Purchase and hold Oil tokens in their jurisdiction; c) have taken their sole responsibility after weighing up all the potential risks, costs, benefits and losses; d) represent and warrant that the acquisition of Oil tokens is not made for the purpose of speculative investment; e) pursue illegal aims f) understand and acknowledge that they are not holders of REVOIL assets or equities; g) agree that Oil tokens do not provide them with rights to vote or somehow empower or entitle them to participate in a decision making process of REVOIL; h) understand, agree and acknowledge that Oil tokens do not constitute securities; i) understand and acknowledge that REVOIL gives no promises or guaranties whatsoever that the value of Oil tokens will remain or increase or that the project will be successful; j) are fully aware that REVOIL shall not be held liable for any damages, injuries or direct or indirect losses of any kind (including but not limited to loss of revenue, income or profits, and loss of use or data) caused by the purchase, use or impossibility to use Oil tokens in any jurisdiction.

1.3 For development of REVOIL there might be made changes in the Terms and the Disclaimer. Participants give their express consent and agree to be bound by such changes.

2. Oil tokens purchase and allocation

2.1 The TGEs (Token Generation Events) is aimed at search and exploration of oil locations, developing logistics, obtainment of technical assistance and means to drill oil wells and extract oil. Oil token is a digital asset value of which relates to possibility to dispose of a barrel of oil.

2.2 According to the provisions herein, Participants acquire Oil Tokens from REVOIL by transferring funds to REVOIL's bank account and Oil tokens are transmitted within a reasonable time after the acquisition.

2.3 The acquisition of Oil tokens is divided on three stages, namely, preliminary TGE where there will be created 228,321 (two hundred twenty eight thousand and three hundred twenty one) tokens, TGE number one with creation of 1,012,327 (one million twelve thousand and three hundred twenty seven) tokens and TGE number two with creation of 587,424 (five hundred eighty seven thousand and four hundred twenty seven) tokens.

2.4 REVOIL remains the right to cancel token TGE number two.

2.5 Each TGE (Token Generation Event) is limited by time and constitutes 30 days. Starting and ending dates can be changed at a sole discretion of REVOIL. Every information concerning such change will be published by the REVOIL on its webpage and made publicly available.

2.6 REVOIL is intended to generate additional tokens in the amount of increase of produced oil to the previous period.

2.7 Participants agree to provide REVOIL with an unconditional right to repurchase generated all or some Oil tokens through a publicly announced tender or tenders without any limitations as to their number.

2.8 Participants may transfer cryptocurrencies or choose another way of payment which is acceptable for REVOIL.

2.9 Transfers made in cryptocurrency and monetary transfers shall be made to special cryptocurrency address or bank account of REVOIL accordingly. In order to have an information, check the status or submit requests related to transfers every Participant will be individually registered and provided with a password.

2.10 In order to be able to provide any support for Participants, REVOIL may request additional information. Any information received from Participants, including additional, is considered confidential and will not be published or made available for public access whatsoever except otherwise is established by law.

2.11 Participants are informed and agree that purchase of Oil tokens is non-refundable. Neither REVOIL nor any of its director, manager, board, member, stuff, advisors or agent are obliged to provide a refund to Participants.

2.12 REVOIL does not allow to purchase Oil tokens by parties from jurisdictions where such acquisition is forbidden. This likewise applies to future resale of Oil tokens. Participants that acquire Oil tokens notwithstanding the prohibition shall be liable before REVOIL for any direct or indirect losses or damages that REVOIL can suffer due to such acquisitions.

2.13 Participants shall be solely responsible for tax payments arising from participation in Token Launch.

2.14 Participants should acknowledge oil tokens are not subject of investments. Tokens cannot be purchased through certified stock exchanges. REVOIL is not liable for any problems arising from the purchase through intermediaries.

2.15 REVOIL may provide special bonuses or rewards depending on the amount of acquired Oil tokens and level of Purchaser's activity contribution to the development of REVOIL.

2.16 Purchaser has a right to exchange 1 (one) Oil token to 1 (one) barrel of oil through their personal account, if the following conditions are met:

2.16.1 Purchaser revealed its identity and gone through KYC (know your customer) process

2.16.2 Purchaser has a right to buy raw oil on the territory of the Russian Federation

2.16.3 Official contract is signed between Purchaser and REVOIL

2.17 REVOIL suggest industrial volume of oil production as 185,000 (one hundred eighty five thousand) tons per year

3. Express prohibition to purchase Oil tokens

3.1 REVOIL clearly, expressly and unambiguously prohibits Participants from the USA, China, Canada, Japan, Australia, Singapore and South Korea in any manner and by any means, participate in Token Launch and purchase Oil tokens, would it be through third parties or directly. REVOIL do not offer Participants bound by the legislations of the USA, China, Canada, Japan, Australia, Singapore and South Korea to acquire Oil tokens. By the prohibition, REVOIL declares that it shall not bear any responsibility whatsoever arising from a violation of the provisions herein. Participants that acquire Oil tokens and act contrary to their domestic legislation prohibiting participation in Token Launch shall be responsible for any direct or indirect damages and/or losses that REVOIL or related parties might suffer due to the violation.

3.2 According to some studies conducted by the Team of REVOIL there might be other jurisdictions prohibiting participation in Token Launch in the future. REVOIL declares that the list of countries stipulated in Section 3.1 shall not be interpreted as exclusive. Participants shall rely on their own legislation, personal law of the legal entity/entrepreneur or physical person and other legal norms that are applicable at the moment of participation and acquisition of Oil tokens.

3.3 Team of REVOIL suggests to seek legal advice from a specialist in the field of cryptocurrencies prior to acquisition of Oil tokens.

4. Limitation of liability

4.1 To the extent permitted by law, Participants understand and agree that REVOIL do not guarantee any benefits that might arise from acquisition of Oil tokens. The project of REVOIL as any business activity contains risks.

4.2 REVOIL is not liable for any damages, injuries or direct or indirect losses of any kind (including but not limited to loss of revenue, income or profits, and loss of use or data) caused by the purchase, use or impossibility to use Oil tokens in any jurisdiction.

4.3 Limitation of liability shall apply to any action concerning breach of warranties or representations, breach of the contract, tort claim (including negligence) and any other, due to the fact that Participants acquire Oil tokens on its own risk without any promises, warranties or representations of REVOIL as to future stability of Oil tokens on the market and obligations to refund Oil tokens by REVOIL. The risk of purchasing Oil tokens rests solely on Participants.

4.4 REVOIL shall not be responsible for acts of omissions of third parties including acts or omissions of other Participants.

4.5 In case an exclusion of certain warranties or liability for particular damages is not allowed under laws of some jurisdictions, these provisions will not apply to Purchaser to the extent permitted by these laws.

5. Dispute resolution

5.1 In case a dispute arises, REVOIL and Participants shall make any reasonable endeavor and act in a bona fide manner in order to resolve the dispute amicably.

5.2 If amicable dispute resolution is impossible within 30 days starting from the moment of notification about the disagreement, parties to the dispute are entitled to apply to a court of competent jurisdiction.

6. Force majeure

6.1 REVOIL shall not be liable for non-performance of its obligations caused by: a) embargoes b) government orders c) acts of God (including, but not limited to, fires, explosions, earthquakes, drought, tidal waves and floods); d) rebellion, revolution, insurrection, or military or usurped power, or civil war; e) acts or threats of terrorism.

6.2 The list shall not be exclusive and contains every unpleasant and unforeseeable event making REVOIL unable to fulfill its obligations or making performance commercially implausible.

6.3 In case a force majeure occurs, the party influenced by such event is entitled to suspend a performance depending on the duration of force majeure or stop the performance completely at its sole discretion. In any event, parties agree to cooperate and provide necessary assistance intending to overcome negative results of force majeure events.

7. Agreement

7.1 The Terms and the Disclaimer constitute an Agreement reached by REVOIL and its Participants covering the process of acquisition of Oil tokens and shall be interpreted as an entire understanding reached by REVOIL and its Participants.

7.2 In relations concerning purchase of Oil tokens, Participants shall rely only on the provisions of the Agreement. Any previous negotiations, representations, warranties, public statements about the process of TGE and token acquisition, its terms, conditions made by REVOIL or any other related, unrelated third party shall be regarded null and void and do not constitute any part of the present Agreement.

7.3 REVOIL makes no express or implied warranties or representations as except stipulated by the Agreement.

7.4 Any amendments that REVOIL is entitled to make shall be made in written.

8. Severability

In case, any part or provision of the Agreement is considered null and void, illegal or unenforceable in whole or in part, the Agreement except the part or provision shall have the power.